Telematics and associated software is a relatively new innovation for motorists and fleet companies alike. It is designed to track the drivers on in the connected vehicles & assist them in helping the individual or business spend less in fuel and run a more efficient fleet.

Lewis Baker of Cheap Fleet said “We have found that fleets of any size, from 2-500 vehicles are seeing the benefit of using telematics and seeing the resultant savings.

More and more businesses are considering telematics as there are substantial savings to be made by investing in them.

The potential savings from monitoring driver behaviour individually or on a grander scale can encourage more fuel efficient driving and have been said to be more effective than switching to vehicles with lower fuel consumption. It has also helped disprove speeding convictions and help companies resolve motoring claims in their favour with insurers.

Whether it be real time information on delivery drivers, changes in traffic situations, or financial savings there doesn’t seem to be a type of fleet policy that couldn’t benefit from telematics.


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